About Telework Advocacy
Sunday, December 08, 2013
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We are a large group of forward-thinking influencers and decision makers who believe that the traditional office model is no longer ideal in today's business landscape. We see and understand the benefits that a properly-constructed telework model can provide for the employee, employer and the environment. We network together to share ideas, stay informed and make our voices heard on issues that affect telework.

Our Vision - To lead in all areas of discussion, implementation and development of telework solutions.

To make this vision a reality, members of Telework Advocacy are heavily involved in social networking, bringing telework issues to light and sparking discussion on important issues affecting telework.  In addition, TA keeps its members informed of current legislation and changing business practices affecting telework, so they have a voice in the process.  In many cases, Telework Advocacy is able to lead advocates through the necessary steps to develop and implement a successful telework program within their organization.

Our Mission - To promote working from anywhere, at anytime, by building advocacy through professional teleworking.

Telework Advocacy members join a community that provides them with networking, training and certification opportunities.  Professional teleworkers understand the inherent isolation and other hinderences that telework can bring and overcome these barriers by utilizing Telework Advocacy to connect with other teleworks, share successes and failures, and continue to be essential advocates for professional telework.